realest thing I’ve seen in a while

this was so amazing. so thought provoking. an eye-opening social criticism.

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Some modern dryads I did between commissions ! Tree ladies are so much fun to draw.

Here are Oak, Willow, Birch tree, Pine and Cherry tree.

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Doll 01 by siananana

I am so happy at how this katakana ソ (so) came out!

I am so happy at how this katakana ソ (so) came out!

Anonymous said: Kawaiimon's shop has the highest quality casual bjd clothing I've found so far! And she's really sweet!








Aww thank you, anon! I’ve been feeling really shit about my stuff lately, so this is nice to hear. <3

But your stuff is fantastic! I just went and counted and 10 out of 17 of my dolls are wearing at least one of your things! Seriously you’re my go-to for doll clothes because your stuff is amazing. Also you make stuff that fits (and suits) my weird size dolls! 

Thank you, I’m glad you like my stuff, and that they fit your hard to fit dolls!
I’m just in my end of month “desperately need to pay rent and bills and am freaking out” anxiety and depression stage that I often get into. Makes me doubt everything I do. But I do appreciate everyone’s kindness and support, and I’m glad that people like my stuff. I literally can’t do this job without you all!

Wait, someone was putting kawaiimon down? Who the hell? Why? All of her stuff is great, prices reasonable, impeccable work, great colors and patterns and options… I wish there were more seamstresses out there like her.

No, no one’s been putting me down (to my face at least?)! It’s just my own feelings about myself, not anyone else’s. :)

Link to this shop please because my new MSD girl is naked and I feel bad :( :( :(  :)






I’m helping my friend, Shadow Stitch, make and sell patches at Kumoricon in the artist’s alley this year! Come visit me tomorrow! Please say hiiiiiiii!